Thursday, 24 August 2017

Hosting solutions that can make a website go viral

Every web owner out there wants to increase the visitor count day by day and be successful online, for which he or the company will be continuously looking for development options which can influence the visitors to come again and stay long on the website. Most of the web owners are well aware of the fact that they need best solutions for this to achieve at best prices which are affordable and make them feel comfortable of paying it. These people will have multiple options of web development like Online Ads, SEO and Referrals but to do all these, having the best website with best content supported by best in class hosting is very much required.

All the web owners are well known of the options that they get from the market on hosting solutions and if chosen the best from these solutions then they can make the website go viral and bring more no of visits with its technical support towards the website. All the web owners will have three kinds of options in hosting which are Shared Web Hosting, VPS Hosting and Dedicated Hosting. These three solutions offered by all the companies vary in terms of features that they offer to the users.

Let’s see how these hosting solutions support the web owners in making their website go Viral

The basic plan that every hosting provider offer is shared web hosting which is very cost effective and comes with very limited features. These shared hosting plans are created in such a way that every website of these hosting plans need to share their resources with unlimited no of other websites out there on the same server and which can reduce the performance of the website due to this sharing between sites. These solutions were opted by those web owners who would like to check their application performance online at initial stages and by those people whose application are small and needs very less space and technical requirements to manage.

Dedicated Hosting gives you best in class features to manage the web application in which one can install any kind of software or application to boost the website speed and performance and comes with root level access to all kinds of technical aspects of the server. Companies need to hire technical persons to manage the dedicated hosting and the web application. The user can install any no of websites on this server depending upon their server capacity to manage the websites. The prices of these dedicated servers are too high and come with Technical Support, Data backups, round the clock monitoring, Hardware Changes and Assistance in installing software’s etc.

VPS Hosting comes as best solutions to the web owners who are looking for hosting solution above shared hosting and below dedicated hosting with all features that are required to optimize the website. Virtual Private Servers were configured using Hypervisor on a dedicated server which gives the user all the features of dedicated server like root level access, Dedicated resources, upgrade and downgrading of hardware resources and installing software’s etc. These vps hosting servers were cost effective when compared to dedicated servers and gives user feasibility of allocating resources to the web application on their requirement.

VPS Hosting opted with the best company which promises 100% uptime, Technical backup, data backup, setup assistance will definitely boost the web application in reaching higher number of visits in a short period of time.

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